Danya Hajjaji

Multimedia Journalist



Danya Issam Hajjaji is a multimedia journalist. She holds an MS from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a BA in media and communications from the University of Sussex.

Originally from Libya, Danya spent most of her life in her hometown Tripoli, where she received a French education. During the Arab Spring, she relocated to Canada then pursued her undergraduate studies in England before settling in the US. Danya's diverse background, paired with a family inherited love for writing, sparked an affinity for international reporting and literary journalism. In addition to fluency in English, French and Arabic, she possesses conversational skills in Spanish.

Danya is interested in storytelling across traditional and digital platforms. She is a published writer and experienced in multimedia journalism including video, audio, design and social media. See resumé.

Website background photo of Gharyan, Libya taken by Serag Zwait