Danya Hajjaji

Multimedia Journalist


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Phone: 646-724-9713 Email: danya.hajjaji@gmail.com 
Website: www.danyahajjaji.com Twitter: @danyahaj
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2jyEp0m


Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York, N.Y.                                                                         May 2017
Master of Science, focus on magazine writing, narrative journalism, audio reporting and multimedia skills. Reported on a various subjects, such as a breaking news story on ex-felon voting rights, an audio piece on Orthodox Jewish Donald Trump voters and live-tweeting crowd reactions to the 2016 presidential debates.
Learned to code multiplatform stories. Wrote a 5,000-word master’s project on ex-Muslim women. 

University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom                                                                                                         June 2016
Bachelor of Arts in media and communications, with coursework in globalization, digital culture, advertising and television. Wrote a dissertation on the representation of Arab women in film, which included an interview with Speed Sisters
director Amber Fares.


Editorial Intern, The Triumphant Scoop, New York, N.Y.                                                                        June 2017 – present
Pitched and reported feature stories and listicles. Wrote about big city living, food, entertainment, art, music, travel, fashion and finance. Attended, reported and photographed events such as New York Men’s Fashion Week. Learned to interact with businesses and organizations’ public relations teams.

Social Media Manager, Heritage Link Brands, New York, N. Y.                                                     November 2016 – present
Helped attract customers by managing the brand's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to promote Seven Sisters Wines' tasting events at Whole Foods Winery. Photographed the events. 

Freelance Contributor, The International Political Forum                                                                      April 2013 – present
Published an article on street harassment in Libya, which gained considerable attention in the Arab World and ignited a necessary discussion on Libyan misogyny. Published an article on LGBTQ+ Arabs, the first to feature a non-straight Libyan and the first to win the IPF's "Contributor of the Month" award.

Freelance News Bullets Editor, Forbes, New York, N.Y.                                                                                        March 2017
Condensed Forbes.com articles into bullet points for short-form news videos, distilled articles to 8-10 bullet points of 10-20 words in length, made sure bullet points were verbatim and error-free, worked on-call, submitted assignments under 30 minutes.

Reporter, The Uptowner, New York, N.Y.                                                                                        August 2016 – October 2016
Pitched and reported breaking and feature stories in Uptown Manhattan, specifically Harlem and Washington Heights. Stories touched upon topics ranging from African-American history to health. Collaborated with colleagues for some stories. Appropriately interacted with survivors of trauma. Live-tweeted and reported crowd reactions to the 2016 presidential debates.

Co-host, URF (University Radio Falmer) News Show, Brighton, United Kingdom                   September 2014 May 2016
Contributed local and international stories to the news bulletin. Ignited and participated in thought-provoking lively discussions with co-hosts. Attracted listeners in the UK and abroad through social media promotion.


Languages: English, French and Arabic. Intermediate Spanish.
Digital Skills: MS Office, Adobe Audition, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iTerm, Sublime Text, Xcode, Sketch, GitHub.
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Slack, Dataminr, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, YouTube, SoundCloud.
Other: Appeared as a guest on BBC World Service’s “The Cultural Frontline” to discuss Libyan art. Contributed to a data piece on the social media presence of local newsrooms for the Columbia Journalism Review. Produced Facebook Live broadcasts of events such as Washington, D.C. riots following Trump’s inauguration and protests against Trump’s executive orders on Muslim immigrants at JFK International Airport. Photographs taken of the JFK Muslim Ban protest published in Resource Magazine. Featured in a 2013 Svenska Dagbladet article on sexual harassment in post-revolution Libya. Cited in Gender, Women and the Arab Spring (2014) by Andrea Khalil. Worked as an English teacher for underprivileged children in Libya. Served as media officer for Brighton and Sussex Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières.


References available upon request.